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We are a Poland based company, performing high-end, quality web development in Ukraine and Poland. Since 2014 our biggest goal have been to become the most reliable tech partner out there, no matter what country our clients call from. We have come to realize that development excellence is not the one thing that makes a successful partnership, but the ability to adapt and joint forces. The key to success is not working for our customers, but working with our customers.

"What do we expect? Just be yourself, positive, open-minded, be ready for a new opportunities and learn fast."

Vitalii Zolotko



Flex Group Office

Flex Group

ul. Celna 9, Kraków

668 721 798

Hunger for news and innovations

We love new stuff! The geek inside us crave for the latest, fastest and coolest features out there. Always seeking new ways to do things better. While working with us we will guide you through the constant flooding of updated, helping you to take decisions whether it’s a smart move or not to go for the newest thing out there or an older more reliable solution. We will push you in the right direction.


Who we are?

What can you expect?

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Development opportunities

We are very flexible and like to make decisions fast. That’s why we do not have lots of stages to get you on board or promote. Try to send us your CV and check how fast we are. We have an internal e-learning platform that helps us develop your abilities. Our mission is to hire talents, not just professionals. You will have a chance to attend courses and conferences throughout your experience.

We want you to like your job


Comfortable workpace

Recruitment process

Let us know about you. We are not spending weeks to hire a  talanted person.

  • Send us CV
  • Take an interview
  • Get an offer within 1-2 days


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International Clients

Our offices are located in Krakow and Kharkiv. We work with clients from US, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, UK etc. and each our client is special. It’s always interesting to work in international team with a super interesting client.


Why would you join Flex Group?


Highly educated specialists


Modern techonologies and high quality products

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